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Our Ministries

New Life is a prophetic ministry that is working laboriously to fulfill its kingdom mandate. Our ministry operates as a family working together to create a culture where people from all walks of life can experience a supernatural move of God. We challenge each member in our culture to develop into the Leader God has called them to be. 

We are commissioned to lead PEOPLE into prophetic intimacy with God through prolific worship, radical revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through loving "PEOPLE" back to wholeness. We are IMPERFECT PEOPLE loving a PERFECT God. We invite you to join in with us and become a part of the New Life culture by exploring various ministries our ministry has to offer.

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"Every man should believe and know that God honors the grace on their life. God wants to enrich, empower, and esteem every man to walk in their PURPOSE. Man Cave is about men coming together to talk about what matters to men. We will be the men God called us to be and nothing can stop us, we're all the way up!

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"Every girl and every woman should know the QUEEN that lives on the inside of them. When a woman knows her worth, she taps into her wellbeing. Our goal is to empower the girl and woman to step into their destiny and live life on PURPOSE and walk in everything God called her to walk in.

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Every marriage has the power to work. It takes two people (male and female) coming together and doing it God's way. Hebrews 13:4, "Marriage is honorable unto the Lord and the bed is undefiled." God honors marriage and marriage is right in his sight. We believe in marriage and want your marriage to live.


Let's put L-O-V-E back in marriage!

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The Vibe is where our Young Adults vibe together on individual growth, social transformation, spiritual empowerment, fellowship, outreach and social activities. Come vibe with our Young Adults and let make an impact in the world.

Kidz Zone

Hey FAM! Connect your kids online with New Life Worship Assembly every Sunday for KIDZ ZONE! Kidz Zone meets to teach our children about the love of Jesus where they can learn on their level. Our children get an opportunity to be creative in their learning of Jesus.


Sign Up Your Child Below

We can't wait to have your kid join us!

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New Life Kids

Grab the snuggy, pillow and a cup of hot chocolate and let's join online to learn more about the life of Jesus! It does not have to be this verbiage, however, something very similar.

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New Life Students

Hey!!! Our students are meeting online in private rooms to share real life experiences about Jesus and how the word of God is impacting their lives.

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We're training beyond the wall of the church to prepare leaders for ministry and community work. It's about growing people who are self-motivated and ready to xperience the true works of Jesus Christ.

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