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Available for preaching and speaking engagements.

Pastor Eustache Cummings

Eustache T. Cummings is a thinker, discerner of the times and a prophetic sound all describe what his life brings to the kingdom of God. He has been in ministry for 18 years and serves as the senior pastor of New Life Worship Assembly. Called to the ministry from the tender age of 12, he is no novice to the pulpit and public ministry.

Eustache practices to preserve theological integrity and his undying passion as a student of the word of God has made him a sought after preacher of the gospel. Eustache has a heart, compassion and a highly administrative background for ministry, development of God's people and he loves people everywhere.

Eustache earned a Bachelor's degree from South University in Business Administration and a Master's degree from Walden University in Human Resource Management. His education background led him into Human Resources with over 18 progressive years of professional Human Resources experience. Aside from being committed to his personal destiny, he considers his greatest contribution and achievement being the pillar of his family.

He is a family man and the husband of Dr. LaVeisha Cummings, who is his co laborer in life and ministry, and he is the natural father of three; Caleb, Cayden and Carter. Many have been radically shifted by his ministry and personally impacted by his Father's heart.

Dr. Laveisha Cummings

Dr. LaVeisha Cummings is a possessor of wisdom and a gatherer of knowledge. A cutting-edge minister in her own right, she is a dynamic exhorter of the word of truth to a generation indifferent towards the Church "as we know it" and the message of Jesus Christ.


In addition to her responsibilities in ministry with her husband, she is the Tri-State Regional Director for Youth Advocate Programs and is the CEO of LifeTouch Aromatherapy, where she exploits, "Fragrances that makes perfect SCENTS" Her candles truly touch your soul, spirit and add refreshing to your body.


Dr. LaVeisha, affectionately known as "Dr. L", is a provocative and radical reacher and has committed herself to being and training others to be healthy, whole and free. She is a published author and earned her bachelor's degree at Albany State University. She later matriculated at Troy University where she earned her master's degree in Counseling & Psychology and later, furthered her studies at Jacksonville Theological Seminary and earned a Doctorate degree in Christian Counseling. Dr. Cummings is an advocate for physical, emotional, spiritual health and soul maturity.

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Available for preaching and speaking engagements.

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