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Watch A Message

Grow spiritually and empower yourself and your family by listening to these amazing messages.

It's Over

The trial, tribulation and temptation in your life is OVER! While it had the power to drain the life out of you, it failed in what it wanted to do to you.

Fight For Em'!

Our Lead Pastor shares a powerful message on fighting for what we love, fighting for what we're called to do and fighting for the dreams and goals we have on the inside of us. There are times we lose hope because of what is going on and because of what happens in our life but we must keep fighting.

Get Up

Our Lead Pastor encourages you to get up and take your life back. While disappointments, challenges and obstacles have come, they do not have to be dead ends in your life. You get up and let no giant defeat you because God is with you.

I Survived It

Our Lead Pastor ministers a dynamic word on how everything meant for evil, God turned it for good. If you survived some stuff that should have taken you out and killed you, you need to shout and thank God that you survived it. This word will help you understand, stuff you survived; others died in.

It Was Necessary

Our Lead Pastor ministers It was necessary. Every storm, every trial, every tribulation, every hurt, every embarrassment, every shame, every guilt...IT WAS NECESSARY. If it did not happen, you would not be where you are today. Whether at the hands of God or the hands of the enemy, everything that happened in your life, it was necessary in order for God to get glory out of it.

Holy Ghost Fall On Me

Dr. L. preaches a powerful on the Holy Ghost. We cannot move, breathe, or live without the power of the Holy Ghost. Hear this impactful word and let it change your life.

Let It Go

Our Lead Pastor teaches on things in our lives that we must let go in order for God to work the miracle he wants to work in our lives. When we refuse to let it go, we hinder the flow of miracles that God wants to bless us with.

Pain Paid For It

Our Lead Pastor talks about the purpose of our pain and how our paid is used many times to get us to the place God is calling us to be. This powerful message will help you to work through the pain and not allow the pain to terrorize your life.

Who Let It In

Dr. L gives a powerful word on how we allow different spirits and doors to open in our lives and cause other matters to occur in our lives. Hear this impactful word and watch it change your life.

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